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All of us, are working hard to host a place in cyberspace. So that teachers - students - parents of students can always interact and carry out learning activities every time, espescialy during the Corona virus pandemic.

Budi Setyono

Team Leader

Always trying to be a good distance learning coordinator. Instead of as a designer and help desk on this website, he plays an important part in scripting.
He is also the founder of (supportted by PT Microsoft Indonesia).

Suyudi Suhartono

Content Creator

He is the main cast of program flow scenarios, scripting, and programming. Synchronizing this LMS with the curriculum and assessment systems belongs to his duty. Furthermore he also becomes an e-Raport app developer (organized by MOE of Indonesia).


Waka Kurikulum

As a deputy principal for curriculum matters, she is responsible for all teaching and learning activities. She is teaching Bahasa Inggris

Other team members

The team behind the scenes

Some teachers as testers give contibutions , suggestions, and other goood ideas for the improvement of SMA SEWON learning management system.


LMS SMA SEWON is portal of learning management system (LMS) for SMA Negeri 1 Sewon which is used for online learning, interaction and assessment. As an LMS, teachers not only send assignments to students, but also can do:

  • Create and organize classrooms and students in them
  • Create material content, assignments and links to reference sources of learning materials
  • Actively interacting through the live classroom facility and a link facility to their favorite social media group

We are fully aware that the success of the learning process at high school age still has to involve the attention of the parents of students, for that we hope that the parents will join to monitor the development of their son's learning process, which we have provided facilities in a special room for parents of students.

"Keep up the spirit and keep enjoy learning from home".